February 2021

Should You Try Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper?

Posted on Feb 26, 2021 in Home Improvement

When you think of wallpaper, you likely picture rolls of material that are plastered or glued in place. Once the wallpaper is up on the walls, that’s pretty much it; while wallpaper can be removed, the process usually isn’t very quick or easy. If you want the look of wallpaper without the hassle, however, there is another option: peel and stick wal...

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Room Too Dark? Here's How To Double The Light!

Posted on Feb 19, 2021 in Home Improvement

Not every room is blessed with good natural light.. Sometimes when a window isn’t placed well, or isn’t there at all, it can be hard to work around, while other times, the window is in a great spot but is being blocked outside by trees or other plants. If you struggle with poorly lit rooms, there’s a simple trick to try to boost the light in that s...

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Is Your Home Ready To Show? Here's Some Quick Tips To Get It There!

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 in For Sellers

While it might be your goal to keep your home show-ready at all times, that isn’t always possible. It is completely normal to have a home that feels lived in - especially if you are living in it! This isn’t a major issue, but something to be aware of if you are getting ready to list your home.If your house is already for sale, you may have already...

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Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Posted on Feb 05, 2021 in Home Improvement

Cooler temperatures may have you missing greenery. If everything outside has prepared for winter, you can always bring your own green indoors! While there may be a list of plants you’ve been dying to get, you may want to scan your shopping list first if you have pets. Even if you don’t have curious pets, there are some houseplants that are better t...

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