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6 Potentially False Home-Selling Hopes and Dreams

Posted on Jun 03, 2022 in For Sellers

Home sellers are in a great mood these days. And who can blame them? In this seller’s market where homes go fast and for top dollar, many sellers are excited to cash in and make a killing. In many cases, they’ll succeed—yet this wild exuberance can also go overboard. Such bullish optimism could result in an uncomfortable collision with reality.

1. Y...

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5 "Gifts" To Leave For Your Old Home's New Owners

Posted on May 06, 2022 in For Sellers

Selling a home is an emotional event. You are leaving behind a house filled with memories and venturing off to someplace new. The people buying your home are excited to create their own memories in a home that you loved for so many years. Welcome them with a thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting impression.

Here are some ideas for gifts to leave...

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What To Prioritize When Selling Your House

Posted on Mar 04, 2022 in For Sellers

Today’s housing market is full of unprecedented opportunities. High buyer demand paired with record-low housing inventory is creating the ultimate sellers’ market, which means it’s a fantastic time to sell your house. However, that doesn’t mean sellers are guaranteed success no matter what. There are still some key things to know so you can avoid c...

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Found a Buyer on Your Own? Here’s Why You Still Should Use an Agent

Posted on Feb 25, 2022 in For Sellers

Let’s say you’re selling your house. And before you even get a chance to snap listing photos and put it on the market, a buyer comes along. Perhaps the buyer makes you an offer you just can’t refuse. Congratulations, you just cut out many steps of the home-selling process—showings, open houses, and haggling over price.

With an offer in hand, you mig...

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Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget These 6 Maintenance Tasks

Posted on Jan 21, 2022 in For Sellers

If you’re a homeowner, you already know that keeping your property in tiptop shape requires dedication and patience for ongoing maintenance. But what if you’re putting your home on the market or even accepted an offer? Perhaps you’re thinking: Not my problem anymore. However, just because you’re selling doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from routine...

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9 Fatal Mistakes That Will Kill the Sale of Your Home

Posted on Dec 31, 2021 in For Sellers

While it might seem a little dramatic to call a seller's mistakes fatal, especially over something as innocuous as selling your home, selling a home is serious business. Not approaching it as such is a surefire way for your home to remain on the market.

Selling your home does not have to be an emotional roller coaster. By preparing yourself ahead of...

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